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SIF-Kuwait announces results of Sastra Prathibha 2015-16 contest
February 28, 2016, 1:55 pm

28 February, known as National Science Day is celebrated all over India with great enthusiasm marking the invention of the Raman effect by the Indian physicist, Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman in 1928. For his great success in the field of science in India, he was awarded and honored with the Nobel Prize in Physics in the year 1930.

On this day, SIF-Kuwait announced the much awaited results of the Sastra Prathibha 2015-16 contest, which was conducted across 17 Indian schools in Kuwait.

21 students are selected as winners of Sastra Prathibha 2015-16 and 57  are declared as outstanding performers.

Both winners and outstanding performers will receive prizes during the Annual Science Gala scheducled to be held on 31 March at the American International School, Hawally, the details of which are yet to be announced.

Here listed are the names of the winners:

Class -5


Srihari Badrinarayanan – Indian Learners Own Academy

Gokul Sreenivasan - ICSK Juniors

Ghanashyam -  Indian Central School




Sarang T Sudhir -  ICSK Amman

Siayan Biju Thomas - DPS

Chahek Bansal - DPS


Class - 7


Raed Altaf Kalsekar -  Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

Jeremias Lino Ferrao -  Don Bosco

Siddarth Sunil -  ICSK Amman

Vishnu Santosh Kumar - ICSK- Khaitan


Class - 8


Monika Sunil -  Indian Learners Own Academy

Nihas Muhammed K H – United Indian School


Class - 9


Saurav Prakeerth - DPS

Neketra Lalit Trivedi - DPS

Deepu George Simon - Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan

Anujith Anil Kumar – Gulf Indian School


Class - 10


Megha Suresh – India International School

Lakshana Sreerangarajan - India International School

Sonal Bera – United Indian School

Anand Krishnakumar - DPS

Karthikeryan Suresh - ICSK seniors


Outstanding Performers- A+ Grade


Class 5


Roben Jose - ICSK Amman

Hadeel Manimaran – Don Bosco

Joshua Shajan - ICSK juniors

Ramees Muhammed K H – United Indian School

Jean Jose Jitty – Indian Central School

Evan Sunil Abraham - Bhavans

Ejo John Varghese - Bhavans

Arnav Vijayakumar - Bhavans


Class 6


Krishnakumar Ramakrishnan - India International School

Devika Manoj – Indian Learners Own Academy

Vishnu Balram - Bhavans

Parvathi Sheethal Nambiar - Bhavans

Sharda Sujit Nair - DPS

Nevin Thomas S.M - Indian Central School

Anjali Gopala Krishnan - Indian Central School

Saniya Saji George - Indian Central School


Class 7


Shad Ahmed - Bhavans

Karthik Sudheer - Bhavans

Chrissa Merin Oommen - Bhavans

Jason Elijah Miranda – Don Bosco

Nevin Salu Chirayath – Gulf Indian School

Harish Babu - Gulf Indian School

Don Mathew Shaji - United Indian School

Siddhangana Sinha - DPS

Rohita Mahesh - DPS

Rishav Das - DPS

Kartikey Arora - DPS

Joel Abraham George - Indian Central School

Doan Biju Muttappillil - Indian Central School

Nayana Elsa Varughese - Indian Central School

Ishita Nitin Aglave - Indian Central School


Class 8


Nikita Rajesh - Indian Learners Own Academy

Samuel John - Bhavans

Rohan Saji John - DPS

Cheruvarakkal Mohammed Nawfal - Indian Learners Own Academy

Valence Fernandes – Don Bosco

Nathasha Martha Fernandes - Bhavans

Philip Varghese Saju – Integrated Indian School

Barath Kumar – Gulf Indian School

Gayathri Mohandas – United Indian School

Hashil Muhammed – Kuwait Indian School

Lidhia Theres Gigi - Indian Public School

Arjun Biju - Indian Learners Own Academy


Class 9


Mitsumi Nandi - Bhavans

Aishwarya Shaji - DPS

Riya Merin Reji – Indian Public School

K.S Abhinaya - Bhavans


Class 10


Aqeela Ahmed Osaina Syed Hussain - India International School

Ishaan Nejeeb - Indian Learners Own Academy

Abdullah Muhammed Sadiq - Indian Learners Own Academy

Taufique Mohamed Tahir - Indian Learners Own Academy

Nimisha Susan John - United Indian School

Daanish Baig - ICSK Amman

Ethan Ross De Souza - ICSK seniors

Yahya Suhaib Al Alaiwi – Indian Public School

Jumana Abdhul Naser – Jabriya Indian School

Riya George– ICSK -Khaitan

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