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Running for a noteworthy cause — RunQ8
November 30, 2013, 4:17 pm

Fawzia Sultan Rehabilitation Institute (FSRI) and Agility have organized a charity run every year since 2010 to raise public awareness on health issues, support medical research and encourage healthy living. This year, proceeds of the RunQ8 2013 are being dedicated to FSRI’s Non-Profit Children’s Rehabilitation Program. Children benefitting from the program belong to the lower economic strata and have difficult medical problems that entail expensive treatment.  FSRI’s pediatric program provides families without resources the assistance to care for their disabled children.


A thousand registered, and on November 30, a pleasant Saturday morning, the event began with enthusiastic runners assembling at Marina Crescent, the designated starting spot. All the participants were in high spirits and everyone from volunteers to supporters joined in the camaraderie that surrounded the event. Participants, dressed in fashionable exercise gear, were led in warm ups exercises by a fitness therapist. Many seasoned runners signed up but the majority were ordinary people out to have fun and participate in a worthy cause.

Volunteers worked overtime to ensure the race proceeded smoothly and everything was satisfactorily. Since the organizers wanted to bring entertainment and fun to the event the location was decorated as such. Well-known eateries and businesses added to the event’s colorful day by sponsoring booths that presented an array of delicious delicacies and drinks. Participants and supporters enjoyed a choice of pizza from Upper Crust Pizzeria and fresh tasty drinks from isqueeze along with sampling options of healthier treats provided by the RunQ8’s key friends.

The aura surrounding RunQ8 was relaxed and good-humored, everyone wanted to just enjoy the great day. Speaking with Farah Alsarra, one of the younger runners, she said that completing the race would make her feel amazing and great. However, some had loftier goals, the students of Al-Bayan Bilingual School attended as part of their initiative to remain healthy, build character and give back to the community; goals which were echoed by many other participants, particularly the volunteers and teenagers.

A highlight for many fans was the opportunity to meet their favorite Kuwaiti actor and comedian, Dawood Hussain, who was the Guest of Honor and Co-Master of Ceremony. He was given the opportunity to blow the starting whistle for the run. On the whistle, runners surged forward amidst cheers from supporters; friends walked together, runners tried to outdo each other, and there were even parents pushing their children on strollers. The route, from Marina Crescent to Green Island and return, was clearly outlined and participants could move at their own individual pace; for some, it was a leisurely walk to the finish line.

Every measure was taken to guarantee the safety and health of the participants; medical staff were on standby to watch out for any health complications in participants, marshals walked beside them to offer assistance and police carefully kept the route safe.

As soon as the winners broke passed the finish banner, they received a specially designed RunQ8 medal and a goodie bag. Every single person was a winner and though tired, everyone had a smile on their face as they had had a great day that would create a lasting, wonderful memory.

By Christina Pinto
Staff Report
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