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Ruby Tuesday hosts Kuwait’s first ever cooking competition, ‘Let’s Cook
June 9, 2014, 2:52 pm

Ruby Tuesday Kuwait hosted the one week ‘Let’s Cook” competition starting June 2 until June 9 in partnership with the famed Kuwaiti food blogger, Mohammad Al Rashed. Six teams of 2 each are competing in three different rounds - Appetizer", "Entrée", and "Dessert" and judged by well-known Kuwaiti chefs and food bloggers who awarded marks based on presentation, taste and creativity.

Mohammed Al Rashed is a young, energetic 17-year-old who operates under the Instagram Account fried_junk. It was he who conceived Kuwait’s first time ever cooking concept. An entire pantry was created at Ruby Tuesday’s meeting room in Sharq. The teams were instructed to prepare a dish from the Yellow Box of items, and use anything from the pantry to create it. While half way through a mystery ingredient was introduced and the final dish had to include all of the specified items from the box as well as the mystery ingredient. The judges’ palates were stimulated by an array of dishes created with the chefs’ culinary skills and creative zeal. Every day one finalist will be selected to enter the finals on June 9.

Innovative youngster, Mohammad Al Rashed, whose brainchild is the Let’s Cook Competition, told The Times in an exclusive interview, that he has a passion for cooking and created this concept in order to help people understand the way of cooking and the new trending way of life.

The participants echoed his sentiment as they loved cooking and all the joy that came from trying out and mixing ingredients to prepare and create great-tasting dishes for family and friends. Participant Ablah Al-Qurashy said she wanted to be here because she wanted the chance to be named chef and be recognized. For many participants, the competition was an opportunity to gain recognition for their talents.

Ruby Tuesday joined hands with fried_junk Mohammed Al Rashid, the Kuwaiti blogger in hosting the event, and it is the first time a cooking show that exhibited local talent was being held in Kuwait. The Ruby Tuesday brand has always been about encouraging fresh and original ventures that connect to the local community.

Reyana Mahesh the PR & Marketing Manager of Ruby Tuesday Kuwait opined that an opportunity was created to further develop the relationship with local Kuwaitis and bloggers and people who enjoy great food. Ruby Tuesday Kuwait is known to host meetings and small events of upto 30-40 persons in their private rooms at Sharq and Shaab branch. The finale of the Let’s Cook Competition will be held on 9 June  2014 at Ruby Tuesday Sharq.

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