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Romania Center of attraction for Middle-East
May 3, 2015, 9:58 am

On the occasion of the official visit on 3 May, 2015, to the State of Kuwait by the Prime Minister of Romania, His Excellency Victor Ponta, The Times Kuwait is pleased to publish this article on the close and friendly bilateral relations between Kuwait and Romania.

Speaking about the upcoming visit to Kuwait by his country’s prime minister, the Romanian ambassador to Kuwait, H.E. Vasile Sofineti, said that in addition to the excellent diplomatic and political relations between the two close and friendly countries, Kuwaiti – Romanian economic relations were always stable and reliable.

“The friendly relations between our countries and peoples received a fresh and strong impetus with the visit to the State of Kuwait by the President of Romania who attended on 25-26 February, 2011 the ceremonies held to mark the 50th anniversary of independence and 20th anniversary of the liberation of Kuwait from Iraqi occupation. This was the highest level encounter between the two heads of state in recent years. However, there have been such meetings in the past, including in Romania - in September 1981, in Kuwait - in March 1976, November 1982, July 1992, October 1999 and May 2008. These visits paved the way for the present status of the Romanian - Kuwaiti friendly relations in all fields of mutual interest. This cordial relationship is now expected to get a further boost with the visit by Prime Minister Ponta on Sunday,” said Ambassador Sofineti.

Among the most important aspects that favor the development of bilateral trade relations between the two countries is the growing interest of Kuwaiti companies for business in Romania; Romania's strategic location and stable political and economic climate; existence of a developed banking system in Romania which is aligned with that of the GCC states, a good history in relations between the two countries at international level and a good relationship between the authorities of the two friendly countries. Moreover, as a member of the European Union (EU), Romania is supporting the strong determination of EU to foster its relations with the Gulf States.


“Trade volume in 2014, between Romania and the State of Kuwait, increased notably from 2013, reaching more than 100 percent growth, however, we believe that it has not reached its full potential,” said the envoy.

A traditional commercial and economic partner of the State of Kuwait, Romania is equally interested in expanding its trade and cooperation with this country. Several hundreds of Romanian engineers, technicians, university professors, teachers, medical staff work on Kuwaiti oil and gas fields, hospitality, schools and hospitals. 

The Embassy of Romania in the State of Kuwait is working closely with the appropriate Kuwaiti institutions in order to promote bilateral business opportunities as well as scientific, educational and cultural contacts, aimed at bringing the ever-growing potential of our economies and values to the knowledge of the two friendly people. In this respect, the legal framework that is governing the bilateral relations comprises of a large number of bilateral agreements in different areas, such as: economic cooperation, investments, transportation by road, air or sea, education, culture, science, information, tourism.  

Expressing his determination to ensure the substantiation of the cooperation frameworks established by Romania with its close and traditional partners and friends on the international scene, such as the Gulf countries, Ambassador Sofineti added, “Our goal is to increase the effectiveness of these special partnerships.”

Romanian companies also had an important role in promoting innovation and research in Kuwait. “Our inventions won more gold medals at the International Inventions Exhibition organized by the Kuwait Scientific Club,” said the diplomat. He went on to note that these represent valuable assets for leading Kuwaiti companies operating in the fields of oil, construction and water, as well as security analysis.               

“Among the main economic sectors that we consider as having great potential for developing the cooperation between Romania and Kuwait are the oil & gas industry, an area with a very old history of cooperation between the two countries. One of the main advantages of Romanian companies lies in the fact that besides having the technical equipment, we also have the know-how and the qualified human resources to ensure the installation, operation and maintenance of the installations.

“Another sector is Construction and Infrastructure, a field with great dynamics in the State of Kuwait, in which Romanian companies have always proven their abilities and European standards. The IT&C industry is also one where we have a long history with Kuwait, especially in areas like E-government, E‑learning and implementation of integrated IT security, where Romanian companies are now aiming to get this cooperation to a higher standard. The car industry, where Romania was able to cover a certain segment of Kuwaiti market, with Dacia – Renault and the agriculture sector, where Romania has the potential to cover the Kuwaiti needs, both for organic products (like lamb meat, honey, milk products, sweets etc.) and investments from Kuwaiti companies, are other fields for potential bilateral cooperation.

“Last but not least, we want to highlight the tourism potential that Romania has, which attracts more and more Kuwaiti citizens each year. In this particular field we would like to pinpoint the fact that, apart from promoting the resorts that Romania has, covering both seaside and mountains, we are concentrating our efforts in boosting the medical tourism and spas in Romania, which has developed a lot lately and is an area that Romania is famous for. It is an undeniable truth that Romania is making important steps to be a powerful player in global health tourism. Today, Romania has hospitals that are centers of excellence with firs-class services, equipment of international standards and the most important factor, the best doctors with international recognition of their diplomas and activities.”

“Health tourism is one of the most improving fields in this sector with natural healing waters in all corners of the country and hospitals rendering qualified and fine services at affordable prices. With its thermal waters and natural beauties, Romania has a stunning heritage that goes back to Roman times. “It has been medically proven that our thermal waters can cure a lot of illnesses from rheumatism to joint distortions, respiratory tract diseases to obesity, women illnesses to infantile paralysis, neurotic disorders to heart problems and also stress.

 “For the last two years Romania has become a ‘center of attraction’ especially for the Middle East patients, in the wellness and medical spa area, due to the magnificent natural treatments and the beauties of the Romanian landscapes,” concluded the ambassador.



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