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Roman ruins discovered off Tunisian coast
September 12, 2017, 12:06 pm

A joint team of experts from the National Heritage Institute of Tunisia and the University of Sassari-Oristano in Italy have discovered Roman ruins spread over an area of 20 hectares under the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Nabeul in north-eastern Tunisia.

The 1700-year old ruins, believed to be that of the city of Neapolis, are according to the Director of the Tunisian archeological mission a “major discovery”. The discovery could confirm records made by Ammien Marcellin, a Roman soldier and historian, who noted that on 21 July, 365 AD Neapolis was submerged by a tsunami that also affected parts of modern Alexandria in Egypt and the Greek island of Crete.

The joint Tunisian-Italian archaeological mission has been looking for evidence of Neapolis since 2010. Their work was finally rewarded after good weather conditions this summer allowed divers in Nabeul to glimpse the sprawling site for the first time in centuries.

This is really an archaeological reserve for future generations and the most important part is not in the searching and finding of the city, but in its preservation for antiquity, said Mr. Fantar.


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