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Role of Engineers for an accelerated development of India
November 23, 2017, 5:47 pm

India produces extremely well qualified engineers from Institutes like IIT, NIT and many other public and private engineering colleges in all states. Our engineers have a great role to play in accelerating development in India. As an Engineer, the following are some of my views for the accelerated development of India:

1. The teachers in all engineering colleges must have the necessary teaching qualifications, skills and inspirations for quality teaching. The teaching job must be attractive to retain eminent teachers.

2. The faculty members must spend enough time to explain the reasoning behind understanding the concepts to students so they understand clearly the principles of any engineering subject. When I was doing my Civil engineering at Government College of Technology, Coimbatore, I was unsure about why I had to study many subjects such as fluid mechanics, vector analysis, ground water hydrology etc. However, later on in my life, I understood the importance of such subjects. If the students know why they need to study such subjects and how useful it becomes in their future career, they will invest additional time, effort and attention to grasp the concepts better.

3. Engineering students should spend more time on creating working models and testing the theoretical knowledge during their stay in colleges. They should also get the opportunity to spend a few months in industries related to their interest before being awarded the degree.

4. The students of each engineering discipline should know what are the type of jobs they can do based on the subjects they are learning.

5. Every engineer should learn that regardless of the type of job, they should be involved in innovations and knowhow development, which will help the people to advance the quality of life.

6. Every engineer should be made aware that all engineering developments will happen only with some degree of positive and negative environmental impact. They should also learn how to reduce the negative environmental impact and increase the positive impacts.

7. It is necessary to understand clearly how to analyze the environmental degradation cost of any engineering projects (For example, estimation of dredging cost of a port or navigation channel is easy, but it is necessary to estimate the cost of environmental degradation by pollution and death of many marine life during such dredging activities).

8. Engineers should know clearly the projects of national importance, like infrastructure development, affordable homes, low green house emission based automobiles and power plants, integration of rivers, pollution reduction, low cost production of all types of goods etc.

9. Every engineer is best in certain type of job. It is important to identify the hidden skill as early as possible and they should get a chance to work and utilize such special skills so that their knowledge and skillset is effectively used for the development of the country.

10. Engineers should get enough support to test and prove their innovative skills. They should be allowed and encouraged to test their engineering hypothesis and learn from failures. 

11. Red-tapism is one of the biggest barriers for the development in many organizations. Engineers working in any organization should feel that the wastage of time for nonproductive items is reduced. Wonderful inventions and breakthrough will happen, only if they are allowed enough quality time for focused works.

12. Engineers should have necessary financial freedoms in their work for purchase of goods / logistics etc., which are needed for their routine works. Delay of projects due to a unavailability of funds kills the spirit of many enthusiastic engineers.

13. Due recognition and awards/rewards must be part and parcel of the working life of all engineers.

14. Politics / caste systems / reservation / recommendations etc. must carry zero weightage while considering the promotions.

15. It is very important that the leader of an engineering company must be a sound engineer and a good hearted human being. Absence of any one of this basic virtue will destroy the development of that engineering industry/institute.

16. Producing best quality engineering products / services must be the motto of all engineers. In the long run, no industry in any country will succeed from producing sub-standard materials.

17. It may be difficult to compete with the world markets for many engineering products like mobile phones, electronic goods, construction materials etc., but, in the long run, it is possible with a strong enough will and motivation.

India has already proved its engineering might in many fields such as space science, computer software development etc., but we are capable of moving up in other areas in line with the best countries around the world.

Dr. S. Neelamani
Senior Research Scientist
Coastal Management Program
Environment and Life Sciences Research Center
Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Kuwait


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