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January 14, 2018, 1:10 pm

Promising a new approach to modern French dining, Rococoa’s tasting menu is curated to give diners an understanding of the flavorful ethos of French cuisine, for example the addictive appetizer: Gougère. The main dishes are unforgettable as well, like the Chicken Avocado Club; a chic take on a chicken salad sandwich, or, its second-course companion bursting with flavor, Beetroot Fava Hummus, served with a compilation of homemade root vegetable crisps.

It should be mentioned the modern Asian Beef Salad offers a refreshing palate of flavors while the trendy Poke is presented as a nutritious and filling. For dessert lovers, your dreams come true with Rococoa’s displayed ice cream bar, encased pastries, hand-painted truffles and chocolate bars that are so tempting.

Popular dish:  Minted Rigatoni, composed of a symphony of fresh pasta, mint, butter, preserved lemon, reggiano, and surprising spring green peas.

Location: Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center

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