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Rocking studded heels
July 30, 2015, 3:18 pm

Studded heels as well as studded flats and studded boots are all the rage right now, and you can definitely have fun incorporating them into a formal look. Shoes with larger studs are less ‘dressy’ than those with smaller studs, and they project a hard edge.  Pointy refined studs are fancier than round studs, or flat square studs. The subtle platform and stiletto heeled shoes are elegant and not over the top, while the studs simply play the role of interesting detail to their shape.

Wear studded heels for formal occasions: The studded heels should not be the focal point of your outfit when you have taken time to dress fancy.  Heels with many or thick studs work best with casual dress, wear your most simple outfit and your shoes will add the sass. These heels cam fit the very casual jeans and shirts combo, but don’t be afraid to try them out with skirts and dresses.

Studs are flashy and introduce a touch of sophistication if worn right, so your best options are classic attire or elegant dresses for maximum impact. When it comes to studded heels, it is all about choosing a pair that enhances your style quotient;  silver studs and kitten heels in a shimmering gold, these pumps are the staple for your cocktail dresses or to add colour to your darker garments. Studded heels in bright colours like electric hue can amp up a look, including meshing with outfits in neon, white, khaki, and pastels colored outfits.

It is possible to ruin an entire outfit by incorporating too many trends so make sure there is a counterpoint to the edginess of studded shoes.

If you are wearing a vibrant eye-catching dress, for example, keep your shoes toned down by wearing heels with a few studs. But if your look is low-key, a standout shoe adds a definite amount of excitement while allowing you to blend in with a classy crowd.

Accessories: Studded heels are not to be worn with a studded purse, or a studded clutch, or any other accessory with studs. The stud detailing put enough of a twist in your trendy ensemble with its edgy cool vibe.

Reasons to love studded shoes: Studded heels and flats are surprisingly versatile, they can dress up a plain outfit, or add an element of fun to more conservative attire, or introduce a rocker hint to a chic outfit. Now, studded   don’t clash with anything.

What’s bad: Studded shoes may not be fashionable forever. Really cheap studded shoes look cheap, so select carefully.

Styling Tips: Studded shoes are easy to wear, and the shoe type is more relevant with regards to how to style them than the studs are.  You can wear them with anything provided you understand what kind of look you are projecting. Know what look you are going for, and go full out.




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