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Revamp your jeans and t-shirts
August 28, 2016, 3:19 pm

Are you shuffling through your closet, looking for something cute to wear on a random morning? You are probably overthinking your outfit choice when you already have the pieces you need to make an adorable outfit, thanks to your collection of trusty jeans and T-shirts. These clothing items can be easily styled for both casual and fancy situations. The difference is in the use of accessories and outer layers. So instead of shelling out on one more impulse buy as soon as a social situation arises, it is time to get creative with your current lineup.

Statement metal: The absolute easiest way to upgrade your favorite jeans and tee is with a killer necklace. Picking a flare silhouette over your go-to skinny jeans helps switch up the look a bit, and a gold or silver plated bag adds some edge to your weekday outfit.

Amp up the metallic with a funky pair of shiny sneakers. Then, play up a cool vibe with a denim jacket embellished with some chic hardware such as zippers and chains, to add to a look that is practical and breezy.

Monochrome with a twist: Pick a t-shirt in one tone and use the color as the palette for your entire outfit. If you gravitate towards a bright color, select one such colored t-shirt and wear varying shades of the color. Though your shoes and purse have to in the same color family to fulfill the theme, introduce a little interest with a different texture for your accessories such as leather or snakeskin.  A minimalist canvas provides the perfect backdrop for the boldest of accessories.

 You can even mix and match different hues of the same colors. For example, if you want to wear all pink, wear a soft pink on top and a pair it with a bold, flashy pink pair of jeans or skirt. This way, your look will stay fun and fresh.

Chic and easy:  There is a very simple way to put an outfit together if your old t-shirts are the graphic or striped kind. Just add on a layer or two. Take your favorite striped tee and jeans, and add an eye-catching jacket, killer booties and some bling. You are now ready for anything.

Another way to dress; throw on some attractive outerwear like a cool poncho or wrap or cardigan. Make it fresh with a crisp pair of jeans, your favorite neck tee, and some pretty see through slippers. A final touch of some fancy earrings will take your whole look up a notch.

Reverse layers:  You can layer things under a tee too. Start with a worn chambray shirt and layer it under a tee for a new spin on old standby favorites. Retro boots and a coordinating tote will totally have you turning heads.


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