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Restoring communication after arguments
February 2, 2014, 2:18 pm

While everyone would like to have a love-life without quarrels or misunderstandings, it is often not possible to avoid disagreements between two people. Fiery arguments might lead to a breakdown in communications; if that happens, here is how you can restore links with your partner.

Men and women are different: There are many emotional and temperamental differences between men and women. If you are serious about your love-life and genuinely seek to cool him down, learn to accept these differences and to understand how men behave in love-life crisis.

Be Gentle: Appearing helpless in front of women is a matter of shame to many men. Always remember never to ask, “Are you still angry with me?”  He might treat it as a test to go ahead with the quarrel that you had. Speak to him in a gentle tone when he is angry; you could narrate a funny incident at your workplace. If he does not respond, it is only natural, as some men take their own time to relax.

Avoid physical contact: When you sense he is angry, avoid any physical contact to soothe him. Remember, being angry with you means he is fighting with you mentally. So, any kind of physical closeness may not be welcomed. Avoiding physical intimacy also conveys the message which says, “Though I’m at ease, yet I don’t want to overrun your sphere”.

Speak about the issue: Allow him to express his anger; let him speak about the issue that made him angry with you. Even though you have opposite views on the issue, do not argue or be disappointed. If you really love him, it will be worth controlling yourself on the issue.

Approach matters a lot: Wait until he has calmed down before approaching him with any suggestions. If he’s still angry, give yourself some more time; his lingering anger can be an indication of his insensitivity to soothing.

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