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Residency law violators number 109,721 in the last year
January 9, 2019, 5:07 pm

The Directorate General of Residence Affairs released the latest statistics that reveal the total number of residency law violators reached 109,721 caught in the country in the last year till January 2019. Out of the total number of residency law violators, 61,506 are male and 48,215 are female.

The breakdown of the figures are as follows; the number of violators of Article 20 (domestic workers) is 48,965 made up of 14, 216 male and the remaining are females, while the number of violators under Article 18 is 29,424 with 27,806 are males and 1,618 are females.

The statistics also mentioned that 22,401 residency violators under Article 14 (temporary residence) comprised of 15,536 male and 6865 female, while violators under Article 22 are represented by 2,711 males and 4,676 females with the total around 7,387.

Also, there were 1091 violators of Article 17 (government employees) that were made of 915 males and 176 females.

Meanwhile, security sources revealed that Assistant Undersecretary for Residency Affairs at the Ministry of Interior Major-General Talal Marafi held a meeting with senior officials of the ministry to develop a system aimed at reducing the number of residency violators.

Al-Marafiis has requested concerned officials to coordinate with the security authorities to arrest violators through security campaigns and checkpoints, and then transfer those arrested to the deportation center.


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