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Reports about storming mosque in Sharq are groundless - MoI
August 5, 2017, 8:15 am

The Ministry of Interior has dismissed as "totally untrue" reports circulated on social media about a special forces' raid on a mosque in Sharq district of Kuwait City and the detention of one person.

Neither the mosque was stormed, nor a person was detained, the ministry's Public Relations and Security Media Department stressed in a press statement Friday.

It clarified that a security team had visited the mosque after coordination with the official in charge there to examine precautionary measures applied to guarantee the safety of worshippers.

Both the precautionary measures and security visits are part of a plan to maintain the security of all state facilities and worshipping places across the country, it added.

The statement said that the ministry's Undersecretary Gen Mahmoud Al-Dosari had paid similar regular inspection visits to similar places.

The ministry urged people to give no heed to these fabricated news and rumors which are meant to stir up a disturbance. It added that the ministry is ready to respond to any queries over the matter in a transparent manner.

Source: KUNA

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