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Renowned Filipino motivational speaker visits Kuwait
October 18, 2014, 11:41 am

Francis J. Kong, a renowned Filipino motivational speaker, visited Kuwait and delivered a two hour lecture at the mini theater of Qadisya Gym in Hawally Friday night. The event was organized by Filinvest, a real estate company in the Philippines and one of Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in Kuwait most preferred property seller. The remarkable event was attended by the Philippine Consul General Atty. Raul Dado and Labor Attaché Atty. Cesar Chavez.

In his two hour presentation, Kong discussed real life situations of OFWs who often come home after long years of working abroad without savings and investments. He also gave recounts of his personal experiences on how he struggled with his early jobs and later achieved success. The two hour talk was full of humor on the side but also offered life-changing principles, which can help out OFWs achieve financial wellness and prepare for their final return to the Philippines.

Consul General Dado said that Kong’s talk was not only inspirational, motivational but enlightening as well, as it is an eye opener for everyone who aspires to achieve success with their families, jobs, business ventures and others. Dado thanked everyone for coming and Kong for his tireless dedication to help OFWs around the world. As for Labor Attaché Chavez, he expressed his gratitude to Filinvest for bringing Kong to Kuwait. He also added that such talks maybe accredited to the “Reintegration Program” of POLO and OWWA. Among the highlights of the occasion were vocal renditions by John Lozano and Lyza Pajo, recounts of Filinvest Area Manager David David II and journey to financial success. Winners of raffle draws were also announced from different sponsors; Western Union, Aim Global, ICSA, Swiss Bel Hotel and more.

“Just like any business, there is no guarantee that money will always come, the responsibility lies in each one of us, our values in life. We all wish to be successful but success comes with skills, knowledge and hard work. We need to be vigilant with our hard earned money” commented Kong. The Time asked how he will describe himself as a motivational speaker; Kong said “I respond to God’s call, which is to inspire people. We are all students in life. I share what I learned. So if you ask me who Francis Kong is all about? I am student for life”

Francis Kong is the president of Success Option Publishing Company, Director of Inspire Leadership Consultancy and A columnist, author, as well as an international speaker, trainer; and consultant. He is a Broadcaster, Columnist for the Saturday and Sunday editions of the business page section of The Philippine Star, Book Author, Public Speaker Business Consultant and Corporate Trainer. Kong has also travelled extensively inspiring OFWs around the world.


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