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Renaissance Meet: Kodiyeri Balakrishnan Chief Guest KALA-Kuwait
December 7, 2016, 4:42 pm

The preparations for late Renaissance Meet is completed and Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, CPI(M) Polite Bureau Member and Kerala state General Secretary will participate a Chief guest. KALA Kuwait office bearers stated in a Press Meet that this is being conducted as the concluding programs of its 38th year of formation.

As it is widely observed that the fascist and communal forces are visibly trying to influence in the society. Even great leaders of renaissance in the history of Kerala are being portrayed as the part of certain religions or Caste. Currently in Kerala, all progressive movements are organizing Centenary celebrations of the historic declaration of Sreenarayana Guru “We have no religion” and KALA Kuwait planned Renaissance Meet in line with this.

The program is scheduled on Friday, 9 December from 5pm at United Indian School Abbassiya and leaders of Socio-cultural organizations will be participating. KALA Kuwait has initiated "Leaders Meet" for an invited audience on 10 December evening at Hytham Royal Restaurant, Farwaniya with an opportunity to raise Common problems faced by the expatriate community to the attention, Kodiyeri Balakri shnan.

Also the discussions on investment opportunities and the concerns on development issues of Kerala can be discussed. Kala Leaders thanked Indian community for extended support on all endeavors and requested whole hearted cooperation make the program a grand success. For any further information the following numbers can be contacted 97817100, 94013575, 24317875, 22393053. KALA President R. Naganadhan, Gen Secretary C K Noushad, Vice President T.K Saiju, Treasurer Anil Kookiri and Media Secretary Asaf Ali were present in the press conference. 

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