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Remix your lipstick game
August 31, 2014, 5:58 pm

Pinks, plums, berries, browns, burgundies, nudes — everything from white to black and in between makes its way into your makeup bags on the never-ending quest for the perfect color/price/formula trifecta.  Now you may not know it, but many makeup artists are saying that any two lipsticks you own can be used together in a magical chocolate-and-peanut-butter kind of pairing. It just takes know-how to remix your lipsticks with artist-level mastery. Lipstick lovers, here is how to up your lipstick game to the next level.

Prime the canvas:  First, make sure your lips look their best before you go all crazy with a new signature color. Prep your lips with a matte balm, nothing too glossy as you want to create a primed, hydrated lip rather than a slick, too-shiny surface. Also, blot your lips with a clean tissue before you apply lip color. This way, you start with a great clean base.

Start with similar pairings: You can always start by mixing two lipsticks in the same color family, but with different textures and effects. The simplest way is to use one color to alter another. One method is to start with a bright or deep base shade applied to all over your lips, then use a light or shimmering shade to highlight just the center of your lips.

Go for the unexpected: You could mix an orange with a pink to create a beautiful coral lip or take a nude lip and add a pop of pink to make it a pinky nude. Apply both lip colors directly to your lips and dab them with the pad of your ring finger to blend. When it comes to your makeup, don't be afraid to be an artist. In other words, be brave, be bold, and go to work. The most fun you can have with mixing lipsticks is to combine two colors that are very different from each other, as you will get some beautiful and surprising new colors.

Do a test run: If you are not sure about your mixing skills, all the instructors advise newcomers to mix the colors on another surface before going for the lips. Invest in a lip palette with several shades to choose from, then use the colors in your mixing experimentation to see how the custom color develops.

Add eyeliner to your lip game: Many pros add eye pencils and gel eyeliners into lip products to get signature hues that amp your lip color to fabulous. It is so easy! Depending on your lip color, mix two lipstick colors with a small amount of good quality gel liner. Mix them together on the back of your hand using a lip brush to create a creamy velvety texture and a beautiful new shade. Depending on your natural lip tone, you may want more lipstick or you may want more gel liner. How do you know when you’ve got it? Start small and build, and soon you can see the amazing results.

Anything is fair game: If you have a beautiful cheek stain, try blending it with another lip color, or an alternative is to add a dash of powder over your lipstick to create a matte look. The best way to try something new is just to try it. 

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