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Relax Solutions - More than just a service provider
March 12, 2016, 4:51 pm

True to their tagline, ‘Solutions are unlimited’, Relax Solutions is a Kuwait-based company that offers solutions locally and across borders. They deliver a host of services in a wide range of industries in the most efficient manner, resulting in truly satisfied customers.

They make it convenient and hassle-free for clients to find solutions in various fields, including in the real-estate, human resource, travel and hospitality industries among others.

Recently, the CEO of Relax Solutions Mr. Habib Koya sat down with The Times Kuwait to talk about the genesis of his company, its operations and success over the years.

Can you brief us about Relax Solutions?

Basically we are a service providing company that helps solve problems for people. We believe that solutions are unlimited; under one umbrella we are into several fields, including medical tourism, tourism, real estate, interior design and constructions, business setups and much more.

Our major business is real estate, the second being medical tourism. Relax Solutions believes in quality, and quality is something we never compromise on.

Tell us more about your clientele and the company’s operations

Essentially we provide all forms of services. Our main motto is to make customers’ lives  easy. Take for instance a Kuwaiti who wishes to visit India. In order to do so, he has to undergo a certain amount of procedures. This is where Relax Solutions step in. We get an authorization letter from him, visit the embassy and complete all required procedures.

Thanks to technology, today’s Indian Embassy, unlike before, is far more advanced and easy to access. We also have a very mixed client list. For instance, we have clients interested in real estate. An NRI might plan a short vacation but does not have the time to search for and identify viable or feasible accommodation. We give them the locations and they make the decisions. We basically help them organize their schedule.

Similarly, for those travelling for medical reasons, we help fix appointments and also have the facility where we collect the report and deliver to them. If a client is interested in buying property, our legal department back in India will help guide them in investing and purchasing. We basically synchronize the time spent by our clients in India. In addition, we assist Kuwaiti individuals who are looking to run their own businesses to start the enterprise from scratch and help in operating them successfully.

Please expand on the medical tourism aspect of your business

Medical tourism is a huge opportunity in the Gulf region. Today, there are many Arabs who visit India to avail of medical treatment and checkups. Once they land, they either get ripped off by local taxi drivers or guides who promise them a good time.

Our responsibility is to take the client to and back from the Kuwait airport. For our clients, we first study the case and then transfer the file to our branch in India, where I have two partners who take care of the business. Our branch in India is connected to medical companies which will then help take care of the case.

This is a huge opportunity for us. Along with this, we also have our own IT department and we are also doing a lot of work for the Ministry. We have a tie up with many companies in India and overseas. Sometimes you have a requirement but do not know whom to approach. We help put you on the right track. For this, we have a nominal charge. We have a transparent business and do not indulge in any form of brokerage. We help clients deal directly with the companies.

What is the story behind the success of Relax Solutions?

A lot of people were involved in making this venture the success it is today and I would like to convey my wholehearted thanks to all those people, especially those who reposed their trust and confidence in me when I set out to form this business.

In particular, I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Hussein Behbehani, vice-president of Morad Yousuf Behbehani Group, and to Mr. Hari Menon, commercial director of the Group, for their mentoring, unstinted support and complete faith they had in my abilities, as well as for providing me with a platform to reach up and establish myself.

There are many others behind my success, to name just a few, the COO of the company, Mr. Abdul Rahman has been by my side much before Relax Solutions was officially a firm. We decided to form the company because of our mutual interest in social work; even the term ‘brother’ fails to encompass the role that he plays in my life and in the growth and progress of our establishment.

Once the dream of Relax Solutions materialized and became a reality, we were joined by our Creative Head and Communications Manager, Ms. Nasbeen Basheer.

She has been with us from day one and thanks to her the company has now reached millions of people around the world through her constant marketing and communications on the internet and on all social media platforms.

The fourth member to come on board was our Business Director Mr. Mohammed Rafiq whose visions, experience and sheer commitment has been one of our many assets. He now directs all the developments in our business and, along with the rest of our members, adds steadiness to the backbone of Relax Solutions.

The listing of our core Relax family members would be incomplete without mentioning Mr. Abdul Munzir who recently joined our team as the office manager and presently plays an indispensible part in taking care of all aspects of our Kuwait Office in our absence.

The Relax family has grown much wider since we first set up our office here in Kuwait; we have crossed borders, with Mr. Ismail and Mr. Karim handling our firms in India and with more members operating from our offices in UAE, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain.

What are your future plans for the company?

Five years down the line, I would like to see Relax Solutions as one of the most promising service providers in the GCC. I wish to exceed the expectation and satisfaction levels of our customers. Achieving the satisfaction level is what any company can do, but exceeding it is a job only a few succeed in.

- Nikita Ferrao
Staff Writer

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Fakrudheen  Posted on : March 16, 2016 8:52 am
Wishing further success for Relax Solution

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