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Reinventing the bomber jacket
January 6, 2014, 3:03 pm

This season the traditional varsity bomber is being upgraded with bold prints, luxurious satins and bejeweled finishes. Here is how to make this trend work for you and your wardrobe.

Embrace accents and vibrant prints: This winter’s twist on the classic bomber jacket means cheerful colors and prints that get noticed. There is no shortage of patterns, prints and embellishments, so look for a jacket that speaks to your style. From tropical floral to animal prints these fashion trends are all about outerwear that gets noticed.

Pair brights with neutrals: Balance out your look with neutrals. Pair a boldly designed bomber jacket featuring vibrant color blocking with something subdued (slim grey pants, skinny dark denim) would be an ideal accompaniment. Too many bright colors can begin to clash, muddling the overall effect of your outfit. 

Take a ladylike approach: If you happen to find a dainty floral-printed bomber jacket, try it with a pleated knee-length skirt for a fabulous look. Also, nothing looks as fantastic as a floral bomber jacket with pastel-hued separates and elegant baubles. 

Don’t go overboard with pattern:  Try to showcase a more subdued faux-houndstooth bomber jacket with ebony trousers. Or if you are craving color, choose a bright monochromatic bomber jacket instead of opting for print; or a sport bright varsity jackets paired with more neutral pieces.  Embrace the bomber by using the classic jacket to give an otherwise neutral look a splash of bold color. Alternatively, a ladylike ensemble can be spruced up with a sleek bomber jacket to reveal an amazing hard and soft combination.

Stick with classics:  The pilot-inspired bomber jacket with its high collar, zipper details, and cinched waistline is a classic trend that could be awe-inspiring forever. To wear this jacket easily, just make sure the waistline comes above the bottom of the jacket. It can look sloppy when you have layers, like your blouse poking out from the bottom, and it throws the whole look off. A black leather bomber is very city chic, while a bomber in tweed, paisley, or with a shearling collar can be very traditional.  For this winter, unite a leather bomber with skinny jeans or leather pants, a fitted chunky knit sweater, and black high-heeled booties — all in tone-on-tone black.

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