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Regulation on companies in country concerning refuse dumping is weak
June 22, 2017, 11:13 am

Scientific research and studies revealed the prevailing environmental pollution caused by heaps of medical, oil and industrial wastes at dumping sites without treatment is detrimental to human health in the Kuwaiti society, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

Renowned researcher in environmental safety and security at the College of Engineering and Petroleum Dr. Khalid Al- Khaldi declared the level of monitoring and implementation of rules and regulations on companies in the country concerning refuse dumping is weak, and “there is nothing like the monitoring agencies or government obliging the companies to implement the mechanism instituted for waste disposal”. He mentioned environmental specifications or conditions that should be considered, while disposing of solid, liquid, medical and construction wastes. He cited three levels of disposing all types of waste.

In his comment, expert environmentalist Dr. Fahad Al-Azmi disclosed the disposal of oil and industrial wastes should be strict under international regulations and conditions. That’s why companies in petrochemical and industrial waste are obliged to carry solid and liquid wastes to the border regions far from residential areas for disposal, indicating waste materials should not be discarded less than 50 kilometers from inhabited areas.

He stressed an excavation 6-10 meters deep is required to prevent poisonous substances buried from reacting with Kuwait’s high temperature. In the same vein, an academic researcher who craved for anonymity declared some environmental reports issued many years ago by Kuwait Municipality revealed Umm Al-Hayman, Mina Abdullah and Shuwaikh Industrial areas were overwhelmingly polluted by hazardous wastes.

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