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Recuperating Egyptian man appears in provocative clip
December 12, 2017, 8:34 am

A video clip surfaced on social media recently about an Egyptian expatriate who threatened Kuwait and its people after a fight he had with a Kuwaiti man, reports Al-Shahed daily.

The Egyptian man was seen in the video clip inciting his compatriots to invade Kuwait, saying, “Our population in this country is 700,000, which is enough to form an army that can invade Kuwait the same way Saddam did”. He further urged his compatriots not to abdicate their dignity.

The clip had gone viral on social media within 48 hours, as the Egyptian made uncouth statements against Kuwait and Kuwaitis, declaring, “We are fed up and perplexed with this unpalatable action.” He further stated, “We are your benefactors because we restored your dignity. Have you forgotten Saddam Hussein? I will remind you if you have forgotten!"

The daily quoting a source noted the public obscenity and threats followed a visit by a representative of the Egyptian Embassy to the Egyptian man who was injured in a fight with the Kuwaitis who stated several Egyptians sympathize with their compatriot, adding there are always mischievous elements to stir up the situation.

The source affirmed that “those people have forgotten that Kuwait is a lawful nation where the rule of law is applicable to everybody. He reiterated Egyptians in Kuwait are like every other community binding by the rule of law; thus necessary legal procedures will be taken against whoever refuses to abide by the law”.

Meanwhile, the issue escalated to the official level when the Egyptian Minister of Migration and Diaspora Egyptians Nabila Mukaram visited Kuwait, the source added, stressing, “Whoever is not pleased with Kuwait and its laws is free to leave for another place where he can get a favorable law, safety and greener pastures.”

He went on saying, “If ‘the two nonentity Egyptians’ decide to remind Kuwait of Saddam, we will also remind them of the dark days spent by Egyptian workers in Iraq when Saddam Hussein returned their corpses to their country whereby nobody could talk and the government didn’t react”.

He stressed the Embassy of Egypt in Kuwait should not inflame the situation by allowing its representatives to be used in broadcasting video clips from the hospital to incite emotions.

Source: Arab Times


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