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Reasons your nail art fails to look good
June 24, 2018, 2:39 pm

Women love nail art, whether it is pretty, super creative, or even downright creepy. Many are into DIY nail art and prefer to try all these cool trends at home at their leisure. However, many struggle to get a professional finish, and it is often because of the things they are doing wrong. Here are a few reasons it might not look as good as you want it to.

Messy cuticles: Forgetting to clean up the cuticles after painting your nails can make an otherwise immaculate manicure look messy. Take a cheap angled eyebrow brush, dip it into nail polish remover, and carefully remove any excess nail polish around the edges.

Not using a good topcoat: Using a glossy topcoat can not only make your manicure look salon quality, but can also make it last much longer. If you pick up a topcoat that has intense shine, it can make even the crappiest, most rushed DIY manicure look acceptable and it's great for reviving the shine on a manicure after a few days.

Less is more:  When it comes to nail art, less is normally more when you're a beginner. Try adding a few dots using the end of a bobby pin or adding a gem to your favorite color.

Not using colors that suit your skin tone: If you are new to nail art and aren't a regular polish wearer, try going for a toned-down color to start. Neutrals and pale pink colors are staples, and mistakes are less obvious.

Nail art that doesn't match the nail shape: Your final nail art look will look much better if you choose your nail art by looking at others with the same nail shape as you.  Stiletto nails have a much bigger surface to work on than square nails, so you'll likely end up with a very different result.

You're doing very difficult techniques:  Even the most experienced nail artists struggle with some techniques such as water marbling. Try techniques that are more suited to your experience level for the prettiest outcome.

Old nail polish: Like every other beauty product, nail polish has a use-by date. Old, gloopy nail polish can affect both how easy it is to apply and the outcome of the manicure. If you're unsure if the polish has gone off, try putting it in the fridge before using it, which should help thin it out. If it's still a gloopy mess, it's time to part ways.

Dry cuticles:  If you're trying to get that Instagram nail shot and they just don't look as good as they could, it may be due to dry cuticles. Use a hand cream and a cuticle oil every night before bed and also apply some right before taking your nail shots.

Not using a base coat:  If you think base coats are pointless, think again. It ensures your nails won't stain and makes your manicure chip-free.

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