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Reasons your curls don't last
December 3, 2017, 3:30 pm

How often do you curl your hair just to see it go womp before you've finished your morning cold brew? You've probably been told your hair just can't hold a curl. 

Put that noise out of your mind. The real reason why your hair is falling is due to your technique -- before, after and during heat styling.  If you learn to curl your hair properly, not only will your curls last all day, you may spend even less time under the iron than you do now. Here are the mistakes you're making when you curl your hair.

Your curling iron is cheaply made: A way you might be going wrong when you curl your hair? Not investing in the right tools. If you use a cheap curling iron, then your curls will fall more quickly. Poorly made or old, worn-out irons may radiate heat unevenly, frying some strands while others are cool.

Get rid of your iron if you're working with a vintage model. Or, if your iron's plates are metal, upgrade to one with even-heating ceramic or tourmaline plates.

You use conditioner:  Shampooing without conditioning might sound totally unthinkable, but skipping conditioner is key to make curls last all day. It makes the hair too soft, which makes curls not hold that well. By washing with shampoo alone, you'll rough up your hair's cuticle just enough to help curls stay intact.

You use oily or creamy styling products: Just as conditioner can make your hair too smooth to hold a curl, styling creams and oils also weigh it down. You need styling products to give your hair texture and grip, not make it smoother.

Before you curl, think about using light stylers - e.g. mousse or spray - to give your hair light hold and bounce. Save greasy products for blowouts or slick hairstyles like ponytails and topknots.

You touch or brush your curls too much: Contrary to what you've heard, you really can touch or brush your curls after styling. For a relaxed look, spray a flexible hairspray on the brush, and brush through the curls. For a more natural, beachy curl, run your fingers through the curls to break them up.

Again, the key is waiting until your curls are totally cool. A lot of women are tempted to touch or brush through the curls immediately after curling, but letting them cool is essential to making them last for a few days.

Avoid the impulse to fuss with your hair by putting on your makeup - or picking out your clothes and getting dressed - immediately after you're done curling. Also, resist the urge to play with your hair throughout the day; the natural oils on your hands will relax your curls.

You don't section your hair properly: It's easier and more efficient than diving right in with a curling iron. Not only are you less likely to miss spots by sectioning your hair, curling smaller sections of hair will also give you tighter curls and more hold.


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