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Reasons why a good friend at work helps
January 28, 2018, 4:28 pm

Whether someone is a new grad or a longtime veteran, everyone hopes to love where they work. There are plenty of components to satisfaction with your job, but two of the most key variables are your work/life balance and the people you work alongside. Other than your boss, your most important coworker is probably your work friend, AKA best friend on the job. Your work bestie supports you, pushes you, and — most importantly — always eats lunch with you. Check out these reasons to be grateful for your office-based friend.

They are always in your corner:  Depending on where you work, having someone who constantly supports you can be vital to your success. Not everyone in your workplace will 100 percent approve of you or everything you do, but your work friend will always be there to encourage your efforts and celebrate your successes.

 And when they’re not, you have built-in feedback:  On your not-so-good days, your work friend is there for you with perspective and advice. Sure, your friends and significant other can chime in, but nobody quite knows office situations as well as your Work Friend does. Having guaranteed access to candid-but-kind feedback will challenge and inspire you to be an even better version of yourself.

They’re your lunch buddy:  Your work friend is your go-to for weekday lunches. Maybe you two always try new local spots together — or maybe you break out homemade lunches while you catch up on life. Either way, you never have to sit at a cafeteria table by yourself, and that is a huge win for both of you.

They understand industry jokes in ways your regular friends don’t: If your friends are in different lines of work, they might not understand what’s so hilarious about Comic Sans (graphic designers) or why inefficiency is the worst (industrial engineers). Every job has its own lingo (and jokes to make fun of that lingo), and your Work Friend is one person who speaks your language.

They probably have the same boss:  You and your work friend might have the same boss — meaning you two experience similar work expectations and customs. If your boss is the worst, you will have someone who totally understands. If your boss is the best, you will have someone to gush with.

They know the heights of your goals: The person who watches you work your butt off is the person who knows what you are aiming for and just how far you will go to achieve it. Your work friend roots for you, challenges you, and celebrates you when you finally cross something off your professional bucket list.

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