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Reasons to use two mascaras
October 22, 2018, 12:14 pm

Reasons to use two mascaras

Chances are, you apply mascara the exact same way every day and it works pretty well for you. But here's a little secret: Top makeup artists almost never open one tube of mascara, swipe the wand a few times, and call it a day. Instead, they mix and match formulas, wands, and even shades to solve the most common mascara mistakes. Here are some reasons why you should consider mixing two types of mascara.

For lashes that won't droop: Layering a coat of regular mascara over a coat of waterproof mascara is the best way to coax stubborn lashes into holding a curl. Oh, and curl your lashes the right way: Pumping a curler along your lashes gives you a more natural-looking bend than just pressing it right at the base. You can also use a lengthening mascara as a primer, brushing it through from roots to ends, before adding fullness with a voluminous formula.

For ultra-natural eyes:  In addition to the usual black mascara on the upper lashes, makeup artists often apply brown mascara to the lower lashes to make eyes look naturally defined. If your lower lashes look crazy long with mascara on them, try pressing the brown formula onto just the base of your lashes with the wand.

For eyes you can't stop staring at:  Even before bright lashes were trendy, makeup artists were strategically using colorful mascara to enhance eyes. One tip is to apply coat of black mascara then press a burgundy shade onto just the tips or the base of lashes. It's subtle but still brings attention to the eyes.


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