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Reasons to use eye cream
January 8, 2017, 2:43 pm

Eye creams seem like an unnecessary luxury, but when you use them your skin feel firmer and looks tighter. If you don't already have an eye cream in your skincare repertoire, you need one, and you will be able to tell the difference when you do. The new generation of eye creams are for busy, on-the-go women who need something that works and is easy to use. In high-end outlets like Sephora, the new eye creams are about lifestyle: it's portable, it's lightweight and it offers a great experience.

Read on for reasons you need to invest in an eye cream immediately.

Your eyes need care: The skin around the eye area is thinner; it doesn't have as many oil glands so it is prone to dehydration, which causes accelerated ageing. Eye creams work wonders to give your face a youthful look, particularly when they contain ingredients such as peptides, because they help stimulate collagen production and stop it breaking down. For an improvement to your skin texture, look for chlorogenic acid and glycerine as they give instant hydration. Also be on the lookout for eye creams with SPF if you are often outside and have an active lifestyle, your eye area needs the protection.

You can apply it over your makeup: There are cream gel products that super-absorbing and lightweight, that you can use when you require a touch-up during the day. Just take a swipe and dab it on over your makeup and it won't move. They also function as an instant refresher, when you want to give your eyes a little refresher, a good eye cream product feels cool and light on your skin, perking it up.

The formulas are better than ever:  There are so many new ingredients, and also the textures have changed a little bit, with the use of different polymers and silicones now, the latest eye cream products are silkier and are absorbed by your skin faster. Many products also do not leave a white residue, and they are better suited to applying over your makeup after. Many products also have more micronised titaniums, so in formulas with an SPF they are more comfortable to use. A big change is also in aesthetics — there are new tighteners and film-formers that are introduced into products  — so you get a tightening sensation without any cracking or dusty residue.

Picking your perfect product: First, determine your primary concern: dark circles, crow's feet, or puffiness. For wrinkle prevention, reach for a night cream with retinol or antioxidants. If tired, swollen eyes are your issue, then seek out a cooling gel with tightening ingredients does the job nicely. Looking to divert attention from fine lines? Try an eye cream with illuminating particles and vitamin K.





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