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Reasons to love Brown Eyeshadow
June 8, 2015, 2:38 pm

If you would like to tell people to tell that you are committed to a brown eyeshadow, you might as well coat the entire lid. Use a cream metallic shade if you are a newbie to blending—you can even use two different shades to get a dual-toned effect. After using a cream primer, use your finger to apply a brown eyeshadow and then marvel at the effect. Here are some reasons to adore brown eyeshadow.

Alluring eyes:  Brown gives a softer approach than the dark raccoon-eyes brushed on with black eyeshadow, but it is definitely not lacking in drama. Coat your lid with a matte brown shadow, using that color and lightly lining your bottom lash line as well. Brown and red work well together, so take a red eyeliner or a red eyeshadow with a very thin eyeliner brush and trace the upper and lower lash lines, blending the two colors together.

Try on plum lipstick: At the barrier of the lightest shade of brown lives darker tints of cream and gold metallics—both of which look amazing with a plum lip. After lightly brushing on a cream shadow as a base (that will also help your liner stick throughout the day) use a metallic gold shadow or liner to line your bottom lash line. Apply the same product to your top lash line but blend it into the shadow a bit. When it comes to the lipstick, you have room to really go for the vampy hues of violet.

Adds to your blush:  A light brown shadow with an opalescent finish looks gorgeous with a deep rosy cheek. Leave the lashes bare and skip the liner for a super natural, low-maintenance vibe.

Ombre effect: Use two or three shadow colors—a brown, a gold, and something with a brick red tint—to create an ombred effect across your eyelid. Keep the gold color on the inner half and corner of the lid for a little glow and to really draw attention to your eyes.

A classic sultry look:  Brown eyeshadow, a nude lip, a little highlighter, and smudged black eyeliner. Try using a kajal pencil instead of liquid liner so you can blend the liner and the shadow seamlessly and without a lot of mess.

Smokey eye: A smokey eye à la brown metallic liner is a favorite on the red carpet and off. Because the shadow colors are a little less attention-grabbing, it is a perfect option for day or night. Of course, you can dress it up with a ton of mascara or falsies for a smear-less look.

Enhances your vibrant red lipstick: Oranges and browns give red lipstick an extra oomph because they are complimentary. Use a taupe-like shade of brown to cover your lid. Go minimal with the mascara and skip your liner routine, finishing off your look with a swipe of cherry red lipstick.



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