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Reasons to enjoy Albanian Cuisine
April 19, 2015, 4:07 pm

Albania has been invaded by many countries that have left their signature on the nation’s cuisine.

There are several delicious desserts and meals in Albanian cuisine which originate from Italian and Turkish cultures, such as baklava – a typical rich and sweet Turkish pastry made of layers filled with chopped nuts and sweetened and held together with syrup; and the Italian pasta and pizza – which, in Albania, may also be supplemented with other ingredients chosen on personal taste. Not only have they borrowed these recipes but also they have mastered them to a point where they seem naturalized.

Albania has a perfect climate and this leads to a variety of foods; from different types of fruits and vegetables, to combinations meals, such as Fergese, which is made by mixing together peppers, curd, olive oil, meat and then baking in a pan.

Then there is the Tave Kosi – another dish made of yoghurt, meat, flour and rice mixed in a big pan and then baked to a point where the mass creates a thin brown layer on the surface.

Comlek is another signature Albanian dish made from shallots which are seasoned with spices such as clove, red and black pepper left to boil until they melt.

And then there is Byrek – which are more or less the synonym of pies but not to be confused with them because of the fact that Byrek is made of a different number of layers and it also differs in filling compared to pies.

Another fact hidden behind the ‘beauty’ of Albanian cuisine is related to use of plenty of ingredients in making up a dish. When someone orders in an Albanian restaurant, the portion of the food served on the plate is huge. It is the opposite of the French gourmet which people are usually used to.

This is why people end up stuffed and with a feeling of being fully delighted by taste mixture.

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