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Rare snowstorms leave 13 dead, 1,700 injured across Japan
February 10, 2014, 2:40 pm

A rare snow storm swept through wide areas of Japan including Tokyo over the weekend, leaving 13 people dead and some 1,700 others injured, according to public broadcaster NHK on Monday.

A total of 6,155 accidents involving cars skidding on icy roads were also recorded, while more than 1,800 households are still without power in parts of eastern Japan, an NHK survey showed.

Heavy snowfall blanketed many areas on the Pacific coast, as a low pressure system moving northeast drew cold air down from Siberia. On Sunday, the Meteorological Agency said 27 centimeters of snow accumulated in central Tokyo, the heaviest in 45 years.

The stormy weather also paralyzed transportation services, with nearly 350 domestic flights and 40 international flights cancelled on Sunday, affecting more than 60,000 passengers. In Narita International Airport near Tokyo, around 6,000 travelers had to spend the night. As of noon Monday, 36 domestic flight were canceled.

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