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Ramadan kids crafts
June 5, 2016, 11:50 am

Ramadan, school holidays and the heat outside coming together this year, the young ones are likely to be cooped up inside with very little to do other than go online or watch television. Instead, why not draw out their creative talents by getting them engaged in some craft activities. Here are a few suggestions that you and your child can do together.

Ramadan Moon and Star

Materials needed:

Paper plate
Foam stickers
Yellow paint
Blue paint
Sponge brush
a thin ribbon
Small hole punch


First draw a crescent moon shape on your paper plate, and in the middle of that opening, draw a star shape. Cut both the shapes.
Lay out your newspaper and paint the star shape yellow, and the moon shape blue.
Take the paper backing off the foam letters and place them on the paper plate. If you do not have the handy letters that come as stickers, you will need to glue down your letters.
Using the hole punch, punch a hole into your paper plate (only one punch is required) and star, and pull the ribbon through. Tie a knot, at the back of the star. Pull your ribbon through the moon, and tie another knot so your star will not slip. 

Prism Jar Candle Lights

The illumination given by these jars create a starry effect, and are a perfect addition to your Ramadan decoration.

Materials needed:

Mason jar

Round glass decorative elements

Any glue for affixing to glass

Ribbon or twine

Tea light




First apply the glue in small patches in a well-ventilated area with your brush. Start by applying glue to a small area on the jar working from the base of the lid downward. Then, add the glass elements over the glue. Before this step, plan out your design and the size of the glass elements may vary. Once the area is dry, move on to the next area, slowly covering the body of the jar. After it has dried completely, remove the lid top and tie a pretty ribbon or twine around the lip of the jar. Insert the tea light into the candle and watch the light illuminate your room.

Ramadan Moroccan Lanterns

Materials needed:

Printed cutout of a Moroccan lantern

An x-acto knife

Bone folder

Tissue paper




Print the Moroccan lanterns from the internet, and cut them out with scissors. To cut the doors, use an x-acto knife. This may be hard the first time. Cut the piece out and score it using a bone folder. Decorate the lanterns as desired, and attach tissue paper at the windows of the lantern. Glue the lantern together. It is advisable not to use real tea lights inside, and use led lights instead.

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