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Raising Points
August 25, 2015, 2:22 pm

Finally a smartwatch that could actually be called useful; Dot is a smartwatch that may have life-changing implications for the visually impaired. Rather than trying to convey information through tiny text on a small screen, Dot provides visually impaired wearers with notifications through Braille.

Four sets of six dots, which signify characters in the Braille system, raise and lower as quickly as 100 times per second to denote four characters simultaneously, though users may opt to slow the watch down to a single character per second.

Wearers can set up Dot to receive sound notifications via Bluetooth from their smartphone, and the vibration system can alert them to incoming information.

It is a wonderful idea, and a rare showcase of how the smartwatch concept can bring tangible impact to wearers' lives beyond fashion accessorizing and fitness tracking.



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