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Rain storm lashes Abu Dhabi as wet weather hits Dubai and UAE
November 21, 2013, 2:08 pm

Heavy rain and hail storms began to lash parts of Abu Dhabi on Thursday morning, with thundershowers forecast across the UAE.

Rain has also begun to fall in Dubai and Sharjah, heavily in some areas. Police are warning motorists to be extremely cautious on the roads.

The weather system made its entry into the UAE’s western coastal and inland areas on Wednesday night as heavy rain and hail storms hit. Trees and electric poles were uprooted in some areas.

Emergency services were put on alert amid warnings from police and the national weather bureau for the general public and motorists.

The National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) reported that heavy rain lashed Dalma recording some 80mm, followed by Ghouafat 41.4mm, Al Yasat 38.4mm, Sir Bani Yas 29.2mm, Al Ruwais 25.8mm, and Tarfa 14mm.

Thunderstorm and strong winds have uprooted tress in Ruwais. Residents of Al Hamra, in the western region, told Gulf News that a hailstorm had battered the town early Thursday. Conditions were similar in Mirfa and the neighboring areas.

A thick layer of cloud was also seen over Ras Al Khaimah at around 6am and lightning and thunder was also reported. Thunder activity was also seen off Dubai coast.

The weather system has moved in from the upper Arabian Gulf after dumping torrential rain in Kuwait, Bahrain, Eastern Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. The NCMS has issued warnings for the several days of the pending inclement weather. The weather system has gradually been extending across the country with some high clouds Thursday morning in Al Ain as well.

The NCMs has asked people to be prepared for unsettled weather and heavy rain across the country. Abu Dhabi police has issued an early morning alert on Twitter, asking motorists to exercise caution due to reduced visibility as winds have been kicking up dust in different parts of the emirate.

Police have also warned people to avoid going to valleys and areas where rainwater could pose a danger to life.


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