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Rahul Outburst: The Inside story
October 5, 2013, 8:26 am

The Times brings for the first time the sequel of events preceding the famous outburst of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi against the controversial Ordinance protecting convicted lawmakers from disqualification which led to its withdrawal and eventual death.  The Indian cabinet which had earlier cleared the ordinance had now junked the same.

It was a normal Meet The Press organised by the Press Club of India with  the Chairman of Congress Communication Department Ajay Maken on Friday, September 27.  Such interaction is common at the press club where leaders from various political denominations do visit and interact with the national media.

There was nothing unusual on Friday also when Maken arrived at the Press Club to face volley of questions.  As was expected the question revolved around the controversial ordinance.

While Maken was defending the Cabinet note on the ordinance , his secretary  standing at the back received a call on Maken’s mobile which he was carrying at that time.  He moved away from the podium but rushed back within a minute. He handed a small note to the Club Secretary General Anil Anand and urged him to pass it on to Mr Maken.

While Maken was busy answering the question, he kept the note on the table.  The  panic stricken secretary wrote a  fresh note for Maken who again put it on the table.  It was then the secretary whispered in the ears of Secretary General requesting him to tell Mr Maken  the matter was really very very urgent.

Anand got panicked as he knew that Maken father was seriously ill and lying on his death bed (he later died on Wednesday) and told him that the note is urgent.  As Maken picked up the note it was written “ RG Urgent”

Maken turned towards Anand and asked him would he mind if he can interrupt the press meet and take this urgent call.  Maken moved out of the podium for a minute and  came back instantly to inform the club Secretary General that Rahul Gandhi has expressed a desire to come to the press meet if there was no objection.

Anand said  as newsperson we would be too happy to receive him

Within five minutes Rahul Gandhi made a dramatic entry and dropped a political bombshell on an unsuspecting government, saying that the ordinance that it had sent up to the president to protect convicted lawmakers from disqualification, was “wrong,” should be “torn up and thrown away” and it was time to stop “this nonsense.”.

“What the government has done is wrong,” Rahul said. The fate of the Ordinance was sealed as dramatically as Rahul made his entry to the Press Club

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