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Radisson Blu marks staff year end event
December 20, 2015, 10:48 am

The Radisson Blu Hotel Kuwait marked its year end event for hotel staff at the Hussein Marafie Grand Ballroom on 16 December. The much awaited occasion was attended by staff and their families and graced with the presence of the management team.

Philippe Pellaud, General Manager of the hotel gave a brief speech highlighting the accomplishments and recent developments of Radisson Blu.  He thanked everyone for their support and hard work that ensured the hotel services given to the clients are of highest caliber. Mr. Pellaud also awarded mementos to staff who have accomplished years of service to the hotel and finally the host of the year.

Entertainment immediately followed comprised of different performances in solo and group category.  Staff from Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Czech Republic, Russia, Bulgaria, Tunisia, Croatia and Serbia performed remarkable cultural and contemporary dance and song numbers to entertain the crowd.

The team from Philippines took home the grand prize with a neo classic fusion of traditional dances and promotion of its tourism industry. The panel of judges was led by the wife of the General Manager Mrs. Ida Pellaud. “I am so impressed with how our staff was able to come up with such impressive and high quality performances in a short time. I congratulate everyone who made the entertainment excellent,” said Mrs. Pellaud.

Among the highlights of the night was Santa’s visit where gifts were distributed to the children of the staff and the joyous carol songs of the Radisson Blu carolers. A sumptuous dinner buffet followed, before gifts were handed out to all the staff.

The occasion ended with energetic music provided by DJ B. The management thanked everyone who made the occasion memorable and successful.The event was also hosted by Fitness Instructor and Communication Associate Ricky Laxa.  The Radisson Blu hotel is made up of four hundred over staff with over twenty seven different nationals. 

By Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

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