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Radisson Blu Kuwait chefs bagged Horeca’s two major awards
February 7, 2016, 5:43 pm

Chef de Partie Tuan Tony Azeez and Commis 1 Chef Krishna Regmi of Radisson Blu Hotel Kuwait were awarded with gold and silver medals during the recent Horeca competition and exhibition. Azeez bagged the gold medal for the ‘3 Plated Dessert Presentation’ and Regmi with silver medal for ‘Cold Sandwich Making Competition’. Horeca, Kuwait’s wide-ranging event covering hospitality, catering and food industry sectors in the country and the region.

Chef Azeez boasted that there were at least 140 participants in the 3 Plated Dessert category vying for the first place and that in order to win he had to work creatively to come up with his original recipes and presentations. “I knew that originality and taste are two of the biggest factors that are essential to win the prize and with more than hundred over entrees, you could but hope and I was emotional when my name was called and announced the winner,” said the Chef.  Chef Azeez added that he had prepared plates of desserts comprised of chocolates, fruits and Arabic sweets.

He thanked his team for the support during the competition. “This is all about teamwork and contributions of ideas. This was the first time I had ever joined a contest and I am overjoyed over winning it,” said Chef Azeez.

Chef Regmi expressed his excitement when he was named the winner for the live cold sandwich making contest. Regmi added that no one got the gold medal so his prize was considered first in the contest and he was happy for winning for his first time participating. Executive Chef of The Radisson Blu Hotel Chef David Harnois congratulated the winners and thanked them for adding prestige to the culinary department of the hotel. Radisson Blu Hotel General Manager Philippe Pellaud also congratulated Regmi and Azeez for a job well done.


By Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer


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