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Raaga Factory all set to enthrall audiences in Kuwait
November 23, 2014, 9:34 am

When: 29 November, 2014 at 6.30 pm

Where: The Embassy of India auditorium, Kuwait

In a span of more than a year with 6 public shows and various private shows, Raaga Factory has now become a name synonymous with music. This time The Raaga Factory is coming to the shores of Kuwait to enthrall audiences with a power packed performance at the Indian embassy for a benefit concert to aid the flood affected people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Raaga Factory, just like its name, is a platform which blends forms of music and brings them Live, fresh from the oven. Just like the diverse music they create, along with fusion of languages and genres, their music also spans across all age groups - their playlist ranges from retro Hindi & English melodies, to traditional folk music of various regions blended with Jazz notes and Hindustani classical Raagas strummed on acoustic guitars. Add to it the electronic touch to soulful Sufi strains and the seamless symphony of modern and traditional musical instruments that truly creates a unique sound for its listeners.

This vibrant group is rather unique. They are a team of talented musicians and singers who otherwise have regular day jobs and who have come together for a purpose to keep their passion going and to create sounds and tracks which are loved by one and all. What they manufacture is so unique that it leaves everyone wanting for more. Watch them Live and you'd agree with every word said.

The dynamic duo behind Raaga Factory, Jyoti Karmali and Mitun De Sarkar feel that they are both overwhelmed by the response and support that Dubai has offered them. “The euphoria is incredible and extremely encouraging and we love the fact that people here in Dubai are so clued on to music. These are definitely very exciting times for all of us.”

Mitun De Sarkar Co-founder, Raaga Factory feels that RF is unique in many ways, “We like playing popular songs with a Raaga Twist. There’s something special that lies in creating different arrangements. The audience has loved this way of presenting songs and this clearly makes the concept and the group stands out in the live-music space in Dubai!”

Raaga Factory is a true factory where music ensembles are treated as works of art.  The sounds of music from all around the world are assembled, and fused into popular numbers, and further worked upon and embellished to create compositions that give a contemporary flavor to old classics or a new ‘quirky’ twist to modern day numbers.

This community initiative has successfully been providing a platform for local talent and has unfailingly ensured introducing new faces at every event. What sets RF apart is the fact that all artists, old and new, continue to hold day-jobs and are pursuing their passion for music by being a part of Raaga Factory!

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