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Puppets bring stories alive at SIS
June 2, 2018, 3:00 pm

The Hindi department of Smart Indian School (SIS) organized a puppet show on 24 May or the 4th graders. The students of grade 4 turned the marionette time into an educational segment coupled with a sense of creativity. The thematic show featured moral-based stories like The Clever Crow, Birbal & Akbar and The Donkey & the Cotton etc.

The students with enthusiasm and energy decked the stage with their presence, props, puppets and presentation. The students were given three minutes each to perform a story with puppets. The students with the best stories were named winners and managed to bag certificates for their persuading art of story narration. The teacher-in-charge felicitated the best participants and the imaginative winners for their tremendous work. The Principal congratulated the winners for their willingness to do their best. 

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