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Pull off the metallic lip trend
June 8, 2015, 2:18 pm

Metallics are slowly becoming trendy again, and making quite a splash on the beauty front.  If you are thinking that metallics aren’t exactly your thing, or feel like it is something that can only be saved for your nail polish, think again.

A swipe of gold eyeliner or silver nail polish is neither overpowering nor over the top. But full-on metallic lips? That is one of those hard-to-pull-off fashion show trends that is only easy to do if you know how. 

Start by choosing a high shimmer or frosted lipstick or lip gloss. You will still get a metallic vibe, without looking like you have just arrived from the future.

To find the right metallic for you, use your jewellery as your guide. Do you look better in gold? Go for a gilded gloss in gold, alone or layered over another color. If silver accessories make your skin tone pop, try an icy colour with a metallic edge. Balance is key. The more metallic your lip color, the less flashy the rest of your makeup should be.

Here are a few tips on how to create your own metallic lips that are soft, subtle and oh-so-pretty if you can’t get the gloss or lipstick for your skin type.

Step 1: Make sure to apply a lip conditioner beforehand. Then, choose a natural liner and lightly fill in the lip to add a base color.

Step 2: Create your own metallic lip color by mixing a metallic pigment (bought easily from a beauty store) with vaseline in a small clear container. The metallic can be however intense as you desire, but pigments are strong so add in a little at a time.

Step 3: Brush on the metallic color on your lips with smooth, careful strokes.

Step 4: For the upper lip, start from the outer corner and work your way in. You now have an amazing pout. 

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