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Public education in Kuwait quite failure
October 10, 2017, 8:28 am

“Public education in Kuwait is quite a failure,” says former MP and Professor of Curricula and Methodologies at the College of Education in Kuwait University Salwa Al-Jassar, reports Al-Shahed daily. She stressed that the main evidence of the fact that public education is a failure is that most of the secondary level graduates who obtain around 90 percent in their school exams do not pass the aptitude tests of the university.

Regarding the Shaddadiya University project, Prof. Al- Jassar explained that this project is one of the major projects of Kuwait. However, it suffers from spread of corruption in all fields including administrative and financial. The failure to complete the project so far is because the control of the project is with people who have personal agendas. She indicated that the repeated fire incidents at the project sites were committed deliberately.

Prof Al-Jassar lamented that Ministry of Education has been controlled by a religious party for more than 20 years, indicating that this party has been responsible for appointing deans and heads of departments for more than one term solely because they belong to that party and not because of their efficiency. She stressed that the holders of fake academic certificates were not questioned, and that a number of senior officials decided to resign when this file was opened.


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