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Public Works Minister signs KD25 million infrastructure deals
October 5, 2016, 5:49 pm

The Ministry of Public Works signed on Wednesday two contracts at a total cost of KD 25.7 million for infrastructure repairs in Sabah Al-Nasser and Granada areas and a sewer line linking Al-Surra and Al-Riggae.

The first contract deals with a project for infrastructure renovation in the areas of Granada and Sabah Al-Nasser, which is in its 15th phase. The project consists of work to form a 36,000-meter sewer line and replacement of damaged sewer pipes, along with other infrastructure work at a cost of KD 13.8 million.

Moreover, the second contract, worth KD 11.1 million, is for a project to establish an 8648- meter sewer line linking Al-Surra and Al-Riggae areas, in addition to the fourth ring road. The project also includes work to repair several manholes and to fix sewer line leakages in these areas. 

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