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Public Authority for Food and Nutrition to renew health licenses of shops
August 25, 2018, 4:52 pm

Restaurants and other shops selling food stuff that were issued health licenses after 15 July of this year by the Kuwait Municipality will have to get a fresh license from the newly formed Public Authority for Food and Nutrition (PAFN).

This was announced by the Acting Director of Inspection for Jahra and Ahmadi Governorates at the PAFN, Dr. Nawaf Al-Enezi, during an inspection tour of the fish market, as well as meat and poultry shops at Al- Kout Complex in Fahaheel area. The inspections were conducted upon directives from Director General Issa Al-Kandari and the Deputy Director General of Inspection Amal Al- Rushdan, following the transfer of food and nutrition section at Kuwait Municipality to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Dr. Al-Enezi said the inspection tour was part of preparations for the new school season during which several shops were inspected for the sake of consumer safety. He stressed the inspection procedures carried out by the department included a check on the identity of the worker, uniform, commercial license and worker’s health card.

He called on the Ministry of Health to issue license to workers in the form of ‘magnetized’ card or a certified card, and not a health card with the holder’s image on a plain paper that makes it vulnerable to forgery. In the meantime, 22 food samples were taken from different shops and sent for laboratory testing, while inspectors shut down 7 shops for different reasons, and issued 36 citations and 6 certificates of export.

Meanwhile, it is being alleged that the PAFN which is now responsible for food safety and control of the outlets dealing with foodstuffs, including restaurants and grocery shops is being too lenient with shops that violate the law, and has failed to appropriately punish the violators, despite the matter being related to health and safety of citizens and residents. 

When this task was the responsibility of the Kuwait Municipality, strict action was taken against the violators of the laws and cheats in the form of fines and closure of establishments. According to a report, rather than strict action, all that is being done now is that the violator is warned and made to a sign an undertaking that the violation will not be repeated and that the owner will comply with the regulations of the authority within one week from the date of the undertaking.





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