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Private Collection launches N°21 Spring/Summer 2016 Collections exclusively at Avenues
December 27, 2015, 4:38 pm

Al-Khalid Trading Projects, the official retail franchise brand of Private Collection in Kuwait has recently launched the new N°21 collection of its designer shoes that brings to life modern fashion and offers a unique look, with a keen eye that soothes the fashion trend for the moment.

The new N°21 Spring/Summer 2016 collections introduce a new modern concept design of women shoes, which comes in different chic look.  The new collection is crafted in a variety of leather with different shades and colors that satisfies the taste of every single woman nowadays, add to it the snake skin texture that reflects every woman’s personality who is bold, desirable and wishes to be distinguished as classy and unique.

With the new N°21 Spring/Summer 2016 collections, Private Collection assures every woman the quest of exceptional look and style by its summer theme and bright colors, patterns that reflect beauty and feminine classiness. The collection varies from different styles / designs; from high heels to flats in different shades of yellow, green as well as the beautiful radiant pink variations.

The new collection from N°21 is considered extraordinary by its classic dynamic design, which implies your different looks, moods and fashion style, shining out your inner feminine and chic look, connecting you with your poise of elegance and makes you astounding in vibrant and refreshing spring colors and shades that it offers.

The N°21 new collection reaches out to every woman who wants to be distinguished,  by offering her a collection that is shiny, sprinkled with crystals and metals that will make her unique and definitely grab the attention of her surroundings. It’s a collection that complements each woman’s style and elegance.

If you are looking for a unique shoe design that suits your daily style and different occasions, visit us today at Private Collection at The Prestige – The Avenues and enjoy our new Spring/Summer 2016 collection from N ° 21, assuring that you will find what suits your taste of shoe fashion craze.

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