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Principal of ILOA receives CBSE National ‘Best Mentor Award’
September 2, 2014, 10:28 am

Asha Sharma, the Principal of ILOA, will be conferred the coveted “CBSE National Best Mentor Award” on 4 September, 2014. She is a national Teacher awardee for the year 2007. She was chosen as a mentor of four schools in U.A.E. namely, Our Own English High School, Al Ain; Our Own English High School, Sharjah; Indian High School, Abu Dhabi and Oasis International School, Al Ain.

In 2013 for her travel convenience,she was granted four schools to mentor and monitor in Kuwait namely, Indian Central School, Indian Public School, Jabriya Indian School and India International School. Since then she has been paying one visit per term to these schools.

This award is in the form of National CBSE and Mentor awards, where the board recognizes and rewards merit, commitment, perseverance and hard work. Board also considers the involvement of school with CBSE programmes and comprehensive school excellence. The names of the awardees are selected on the basis of following considerations :

1. Teacher’s reputation in the local community.
2. His/her academic efficiency and desire for its improvement.
3. His /her genuine interest in and love for children.
4. His/her involvement in social life of the community.

Mrs. Sharma is quoted to have said that her main objective as a mentor is to monitor the functioning of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) in these schools and to collaborate with the Principals and teachers for betterment and for the sole purpose of imparting quality education to all.CBSE recognized her valuable contribution in the field of education and selected her to confer the CBSE ‘Best Mentor Award’ for the year 2013 after receiving feedback from the schools she has mentored.

She will be honored by Smt. Smriti Zubin Irani, the Honorable Minister of Human Resource Development (HRD), Govt. of India on 4 September 2014 at Delhi.

She is a woman blessed with patience, wisdom and confidence. It is her determination and perseverance that has helped her boost her own professional development.

The Management, Staff and students of ILOA are very proud of her achievement and wish her all the best.

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