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Preventive diplomacy, mediation, at core of Kuwait diplomacy
May 22, 2018, 12:54 pm

Promoting preventative diplomacy, mediation and reconciliation as part of a collective global effort to defuse and contain crises, is the basis of Kuwait’s foreign policy said the country’s permanent representative to the UN, Ambassador Mansour Al-Otaibi. Speaking on Thursday, at the open session of the UN Security Council on maintaining world peace and security, Kuwait’s senior diplomat at the UN said that the country continues to play an integral part in finding peaceful solutions to conflicts.

The State of Kuwait is a staunch believer in Article 6 of the UN Charter, which called for fully implementing all of the Charter’s principles, said Al-Otaibi, indicating that countries opposing the UN document should reconsider their position within the international organization. Respecting international laws is the first line of defense for all countries to ensure that their rights were upheld, said the Kuwaiti diplomat, adding that such respect must lead to efforts to improve and reform UN organs, including the Security Council.

Elaborating further on this point, Ambassador Al-Otaibi said that though the respect of international law and UN Security Council resolutions should be a matter of consensus, the treatment of the Palestinian people in the last 70 years seems to run contrary to efforts for peace in the Middle East and the world. The global community failed to hold Israel accountable to violations of the Council’s 2334 resolution connected with the illegal settlements expansion on Palestinian territory since 1967 and the ill-treatment of Palestinians, said the Kuwaiti diplomat.

He indicated that the relocation of diplomatic missions to Jerusalem was clear violation of Council resolutions 476 and 478; however, such incident has occurred recently, resulting in rejection by most countries.

On the situation in Syria, Ambassador Al-Otaibi said that the Security Council had issued several resolutions on the eight-year crisis with the last one being resolution 2401 tabled by Kuwait and Sweden back in February.

The resolution called for a 30-day ceasefire in Syria to allow medical and humanitarian teams to offer help to those caught in the chaotic situation. The Kuwaiti diplomat touched on the issue of abusing the right to veto, saying that conflicts and disagreements amongst permanent members of the UN Security Council had sometimes prolonged the suffering of people, especially in Palestine and Syria.

Ambassador Al-Otaibi took the chance to express support towards a French-Mexican initiative aimed at restricting using the right to veto when it comes to cases related to war and humanitarian crimes. In many instances, the Council had become a voice of reason and truth for the world and that was evident in the united efforts to liberate Kuwait in 1991, acknowledged Al-Otaibi, who called on all UN members to reprise such success on matters of today. 

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