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Pretty slip dresses
March 29, 2016, 2:26 pm

Light and airy, the slip dress is the sole domain of summer, but for this season, if you want to try something new. Mix and match with layers, balance out the accessories, and choose the right color and fabric: you will totally nail the trend.

A slip dress is a summertime favorite, a slice of minimalism laced into luxury, and still makes for the perfect way to breathe a subtle touch of feminine appeal into your wardrobe. Here are some tips.

Pile on the layers: Layering could easily be considered the very foundation of a successful outfit. Turtlenecks, long-sleeved tops, shirts, bodysuits all make for great choices or you can even attempt styling with furry vests, cardigans and roomy coats. However, when you are building upon a cohesive color palette, pay attention to length and proportion while also incorporating a mix of texture.

Switch for a silkier fabric:  When talking slip-dresses, silk is the first fabric to pop to mind, most likely bearing a shiny, metallic finish and generous panels of lace. And while this classic silhouette is wonderful for summer, don’t be afraid to mix things up and invest in slip dresses cut in thicker fabrics if you feel a little self-conscious.

Balance it out with a maxi coat:  The best outfit combinations are usually the ones born out of unlikely juxtapositions, and playing it hard and soft is a must when styling a slip dress. An on-trend floor-length coat will always complement the minimalist feel of a slip dress, adding a stylish edge.

When pairing these two, you can’t go wrong with a basic slip dress under a bold statement piece of outerwear.

Go for a darker colour palette: Whites, ivories and nudes are great hues for a slip dress during summer, but if you really want to stand out, switch to a darker palette. Gray, black, burgundy, midnight blue and emerald green are chic colors too that are perfect for styling.

Slip on a sweater:  A pullover is one of those items that lie around in your closet and instead of always going for the obvious choice, be it to match it to a pair of jeans, leggings or tailored pants, do try layering with a slip dress.

Just go with the fashion vibe and slip into a lace trimmed slip dress for more of a daring yet appropriate look. Then select a killer pair of thigh-high boots if the slip dress has a shorter hemline, and decide on a trendy pullover in accord with the hemline of the dress.

A white button-down: If you want to totally reinvent the lingerie-inspired look, try the slip dress with a classic white button-down, or one of its revised versions for 2016. Aim for a maxi length and more printed fabric in your dress to revamp the mood.

Go for more unconventional of white shirts for a modern guise that oozes effortless cool, and switch to a vibrant pair of heels for the sophisticated attire.

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