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Pretty peach makeup
June 15, 2014, 12:46 pm

When it comes to our makeup routines, we all have that color or product that leaves us stumped, so we stay away from it and keep our focus on our tried-and-true items. For many of us, peach makeup (shadows, blushes, lipsticks) often ends up in that cosmetic wasteland of uncharted territory.

If you are thinking about venturing out of your comfort zone and pushing those beauty boundaries, start with all things peach. The thing with peach makeup is that it’s the perfect way to give your skin a subtle pick-me-up. Here are some easy ways to incorporate some peachiness into your current beauty routine.

Blush: Peach blush is a great way to accentuate your cheekbones and give your complexion a natural, glowing look. Apply a light layer of peach blush to the apples of your cheeks. Not sure which peach is the perfect one for your skin tone? You cooler-toned gals should opt for a soft pinky peach shade while you warmer tones should go for a slightly brighter peach with coral/orange tones.

Highlighter: For ladies with a bronzed beauty look, when it comes to facial highlighters for everyday purposes, try more of a healthy flush instead! Grab a peach highlighter with some shimmer to it and lightly apply it to your forehead, nose and chin. Make sure it’s blended well so your skin has a natural iridescent glow, without any weird streaks.

Lip Color: All women love a bold lip, but sometimes a girl needs something a little more low-key and natural (without being totally boring), and that’s where peach gloss or lipstick comes in. Line your lips with a nude or invisible lip pencil, and swipe on a light peach hue. This is a great look to rock on a beach day!

Eyeshadow: Not to take away from the bright blue and purple hues that are making waves this summer, but a simple peach shadow is great go-to for those rushed mornings or last-minute lunch dates. Similar to pink shades, peach gives your eye area some warmth and makes your peepers look more awake (always a good thing, especially if you had very little sleep the night before). Brush a matte peach shadow on your lid and blend upward, above the crease. You can also add a more shimmery peach hue to the inner and outer corners of your eyes to make them pop and cancel out dark circles.

Color Correcting Concealer:  Concealer covers a multitude of sins, from late nights out to unsightly blemishes and beyond.  Color correcting concealers are designed to “hide skin imperfections like redness, sallowness, and general discoloration. They’re particularly good for anyone with mild to extreme skin discoloration issues. Peach corrects blue hues, undereye circles; a dark spot caused by aging or sun damage, and brightens deeper skin tones. 

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