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Prepare for Ramadan with gourmet choices at Al Rifai
June 15, 2016, 1:35 pm

Al Rifai, the premium nuts, dried fruits, confectionery and coffee provider in the Middle East, recently hosted a “Graish” at their Khaleejia store for media members, social influencers and VIP customers. The event featured Kuwaiti chef extraodinnaire Chef Jameela Allenqawi who prepared three Ramadan dishes using Al Rifai products. Guests were also treated to an Arabic calligraphy artist as well as traditional music and Ramadan-inspired food and drinks by Al Rifai.

Al Rifai is proud to offer customers in Kuwait with their delicious array of Ramadan essentials that can be found exclusively at their stores across Kuwait, providing customers with a diverse range of the gourmet gifting options and the finest cooking ingredients.

Al Rifai also offers various Ramadan specialties such as blossom water, rose water, dates and dried apricot paste (kamaruddin), which are all perfect for all types of Ramadan delicacies.

Customers are offered with a carefully-chosen collection of gifts in Silver, Gold and Platinum collections that are seamlessly suited for gifting purposes during the Holy Month of sharing and generosity. The gifts come in various Ramadan-inspired packaging such as the Tarboosh and the Crescent-shaped gifts, alongside more rustic and vintage-inspired displays such as the wooden crate or luxurious shell or metal trays and large baskets. Parents can also choose to purchase limited-edition character-themed Gergean tins that come in four different unique styles.

What is a better companion to travelling or a better gift than Al Rifai treats. Al Rifai store representatives can help you choose what best suits your occasion. In addition, you can vacuum seal the packages to ensure freshness and compact size, at selected stores only.

Visit any of their stores across Kuwait to choose the perfect Ramadan ingredient or gift. Follow Al Rifai on Instagram at @al_rifaiarabia and Facebook at Al Rifai Arabia.

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