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Preliminary round of KQ Matters 2014 held In IES
May 11, 2014, 3:22 pm

The KQ Matters (Knowledge Quotient Matters) General Knowledge Quiz is perhaps the most prestigious and the most remarkable general knowledge quiz contest conducted by an educational institution for the knowledge-thirsty students of Indian, Bilingual and International schools in the country.

The scientifically chosen rounds of quizzing by prominent and experienced quiz masters and attractive prizes set KQ apart from other quiz contests conducted for schoolers in the country.

The Preliminary cum Elimination Round of KQ Matters 2014 was held in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Kuwait on Saturday, 10 May 2014. The preliminary round was open to any number of pairs from all the participating schools. There were 65 teams that consist of 130 quizzers from 15 schools within the country.  The contestants appeared for a written examination on the school premises soon after registration. The questions were chosen by a panel of subject experts after carefully sifting more than 300 questions prepared by the KQ Matters Resource Team in utmost confidentiality.

The results of the elimination round were declared by principal Mr.T.Premkumar amidst rolling applauses in the school auditorium that was packed to the rafters with parents, teachers and contestants from the participating schools.

The six teams that made it to the grand finale of KQ Matters-2014 are as follows:
Allen Thomas and Sanjay Samuel Mathew of Gulf Indian School, Sonal Bera and Darin Sunil  of United Indian School, Akshay Girish and Mohammed Mishal of ICSK Khaitan, Rithika Raghupathy and Karthikeyan Suresh of ICSK Senior, Shaein Malamel and Vivek Prasad of ICSK Amman Branch, and Aaron Samuel Jacob and Murtaza Hatim Rangwala of Carmel School, Kuwait.

The principal congratulated the winners for their outstanding abilities and intelligence. The KQ Matters 2014 Grand Finale will be held after the summer vacation in the Indian Educational School Auditorium.

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