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Pre-party fixes
December 6, 2015, 10:28 am

With Christmas and New year around the corner, chances are you have a list of parties to attend. And while you all want to step out looking impossibly glossy and well put together, more often than not, a beauty emergency pops up that has you stumped. Here are a few hacks that will ensure that you leave home looking fabulous and remain the same till the end.

Mascara: If you do not pick a waterproof product, chances are you reach your party only to find some unsightly marks running down your cheeks. To save yourself the panic, a quick wipe with a facial tissue is more than enough to rub out major parts of the mascara. And the rest could be concealed with a dab of foundation or translucent powder.

Pimple: Pimple is the worst nightmare of a girl, especially when they pop up at the wrong time. A sudden zit before a party is enough to throw you off the game. Whatever you do, do not attempt to pop the pimple. That will just leave you with a scar which will take much longer to heal. Instead, take a thin handkerchief with an ice cube in it and gently massage the pimple for about 15 seconds. Repeat a few times and there you go. It will not erase your pimple but will definitely reduce any redness and calm your skin. Conceal the blemish with a small, pointed concealer brush and set with some translucent powder.

The deodorant emergency: It happens to many. You get all dolled up for a party and forget the most important item – a deodorant. Although the cold weather would not cause you to sweat, taking a chance should not be on your list. To save yourself the embarrassment, try to get hold of a hand sanitizer. A pinch of it can kill the odor causing bacteria and leave you feeling and smelling a whole lot fresher.

The nail breaker: One of the most annoying things is dealing with a jagged nail tear. Apart from looking bad, you could ruin someone’s outfit if it gets caught in it. In this case, simply hunt for a box of matches. The rough or striking strip will act as a temporary nail file. And if you have applied a coat of that pretty sparkly polish but do not have time for it to dry. Simply dip your hands in ice cold water for a few minutes. The cold temperature hardens the nail polish making it dry faster. 

Lipstick stains: At a party, there is bound to be an instance where either you or someone else drops something on your outfit. Or if you are in a rush, you might have to deal with makeup stains even before you head out. If you are still at home, try sprinkling the spot with talcum poser or lightly dab with your cotton swab dipped in makeup remover. At an event, dab the spot with a white cloth and wash it off later.

Frizzy hair: You could spend hours ensuring that that sleek looks impeccable only to have it frizz up by the time you reach your party. It does not matter if you do not have your hair kit on hand. Just a dab of hand lotion is all you need to get your stands looking smooth and frizz-free. 

Puffy eyes: Tired, puffy eyes from late nights do not allow you to experiment with more eye shadow or any kind of eye makeup. To fix this, steep two tea bags in hot water, allow them to cool in the refrigerator and place on your lids for 15 minutes. Or you can place two slices of cooled cucumber on your eyes. Follow this up with a cooling eye gel and you will have eyes that feel much refreshed instantly.

Use these pre-party fixes and save your day.

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