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Pre conference announces focal points of Gulf Diabetic Foot conference
March 7, 2016, 6:04 pm

A pre-conference was held before the Gulf Diabetic Foot Conference 2016 was held at the Radisson Blu Hotel on 2 March featuring the International Working Group.

The Gulf Group chairman Ms. Mounia Mustafa Sabasse spoke at the conference and pointed out that attention needs to be focused on the treatment of diabetic foot as there is a lack of uniform scientific programs specialized in the treatment of diabetic foot disease.  On the initiative of a group of doctors, nurses and specialists in foot treatment , she said that the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have all agreed on the need to do their  duty to establish a Gulf Group, which includes all the GCC countries for the treatment of the foot diseases. The members who attended the conference included Dr. Nasha at Ghandoura, a GDFWG member of Saudi Arabia and Dr. Saoud Al HarthI, GDFWG member from Oman, Ms. Aisha Saif AlMahrizi of Oman and Dr.  Salma E Khuraibert, a GDFWG member and conference chair of Kuwait and Dr. Talal Al Emezi, GDFWG from Qatar.

Numerous meetings and meetings over two years have led to the development of plans and objectives of scientific, medical and educational programs that have been formulated according to the needs of each country and several training courses have been organized at different levels.

Turning to Dr. Talal Al Emezi, a member of the Board of Directors of Qatar on the reasons for the establishment of this group, he explained that he is happy being a member of this group, which seeks to provide scientific opportunities and benefits for the treatment of diabetic foot diseases and wounds. Dr. Talal also stressed the importance of patients with diabetes to attempt to avoid many of the disabilities and health deterioration associated with their disease, particularly those who dangerously close to getting diabetic foot ulcers that contribute to the global average of amputation. There is a case of amputation every 20 seconds in many parts of the world because of foot ulcers and their complications of infections.

Dr.  Salma E Khuraibert,, board member of the Gulf Group representing Kuwait, and President of the Conference expressed Kuwait's keenness to participate with the assistance of the Ministry of Health and particularly from the Mubarak Al- Hospital and through the participation of a group of doctors and consultants who will take part participate in this prestigious event which addresses the essentials of Gulf Diabetic footcare.

Dr.  Khuraibert quoted the latest statistics of the World Health Organization in 2015 that indicated Kuwait occupies the third place in the world of diabetes, which is a cause for alarm.

Among the most serious complications of diabetes is neuropathy and lack of blood circulation to the lower limbs (foot, leg), which has more than 25% of patients with diabetes to suffer, and which is the leading cause of injury and infections due to loss of feeling in them and delayed wound healing in the infected foot, and this could be exacerbated to infections which leads to severe amputation or  may cause, God forbid, blood poisoning and death.

She concluded by thanking all the participants and attendees and contributors to the success of this conference, which holds a message of humane education for patients and specialists interested in early detection of diabetic foot diabetes in patients and to take care of them. She thanked all the participating companies for joining the conference to display their devices, special equipment and materials used in the treatment of wounds and ulcers, which are based on a preventive role and help patients avoid wound.

She thanked in particular the medical company Al Sayer Group of Companies for its contribution to the establishment of this press conference.

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