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Pravasi Desiya Cultural Congress (I) launch regional conference
September 18, 2014, 10:04 am
General Secretary Jomis V.J.

Pravasee Deseeya congress (I) Kuwait begins its regional conference on socio-economical and cultural activities.President Jacob Channapetta presided over the function at Salmia Congress Bhavan. All regional meetings will end by October 15. Thereafter a central committee will be formed by the elected members from the regional committees.  National committee members Dr. Joshi Kuriakose, Joseph Kompara,Abdulla Thrikaripur, and Tom Kaalchery were spoke at function.

Salmia regional committee office bearers as follows:
President: Geo John
General Secretary: Jomis V.J.
Vice president: Philip Alias
Secretary: Joshy Mattappally
Treasurer: Filson Modi and executive members are Abdulrahman, Sunny Mathew, John Thomas, Moni Mathew,Manoj Kumar and Mansoor Kannothu.

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