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Power cut ordered as bachelors given ultimatum to quit houses
June 2, 2018, 7:47 am

The Public Relations Department of Kuwait Municipality has disclosed that the Audit and Monitoring Engineering Department in Ahmadi Governorate carried out an intensive campaign in various residential areas of the governorate to issue evacuation notices to bachelors living in private houses.

Director of the department Eng. Saoud Al-Dabous explained that the campaign was held for one week to detect houses that are in violation of the Municipal law which bans bachelors from residing in areas that are not designated for them.

About 112 letters for disconnecting electricity in violating houses were sent to the concerned authorities because the houses were being used for purposes other than the licensed purpose in accordance with law No. 125/2008.

The Public Relations Department urged citizens to report the presence of bachelors in private houses via the hotline number of Kuwait Municipality or through its accounts on social media.

Source: Arab Times

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